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I am proud to announce my new role as “Mr. Pink”

As a man who wears pink, it’s my chance and opportunity to bring awareness and help others. The Real Men Wear Pink campaign is great because breast cancer affects us all: women, men, children, all nationalities and ethnicities.

It’s sad to think that it’s not a question of if but when cancer will touch each of us in some way.

I’ve been the photographer for several ACS events including Climb to Conquer Cancer, Picnic Under the Stars, and Making Strides Against Cancer. I’m proud to move into this new role as “Mr Pink”.  As Mr. Pink, I am a community leader for fundraising and awareness, and invite you to participate and support me and the American Cancer Society by clicking here.

We all have different reasons for giving back to our communities, and our lives lead us to do so in different ways. As a native Phoenician, born and raised here in the Valley, I feel strongly that my place to give back is right here in the place I call home. Starting in 2009 I began volunteering for the American Cancer Society.

Fortunately, I am a Certified Professional Photographer, the Official Photographer of the Phoenix Open and co-owner of Photo Fusion Studio, which allows me to give back by donating my time and skills for the benefit of local charities. It is a privilege to use my art to showcase the great work of charities, and the blood, sweat, and tears of all those who participate in their fundraising events.

There are common themes that follow us through life. I was raised in my grandmother’s restaurant, and family is also part of my motivation to work with the American Cancer Society. I’ve lost family members and close friends to cancer, which always makes you re-think life and goals. Sadly, it takes something tragic to remind us, sometimes, just how precious life is.

The most impactful moment, for me, was photographing a family’s last Christmas together. It was a mother in her last months and I documented the family’s last time decorating the Christmas tree together. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions in that moment and then editing and delivering those images to the family.

Having volunteered and worked with ACS for years photographing numerous events, I’ve made some lasting friendships which I hope continue on.  It’s an amazing experience for me to be involved. I take pride in knowing my images help ACS bring awareness to the cause, but also create for the participants and their families a record of their involvement in this important fight. Please support me as Mr Pink by donating here

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